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  Gordon Healthcare Solutions is a division of Gordon Data Processing (GDP), a subsidiary of H. G. Enterprises.  GDP is a U.S. based healthcare cost containment company.  We offer unique and novel preventive healthcare services for commercialization.
Our services target companies & governments who seek to manage escalating healthcare cost payouts by setting up a multi-component program to promote wellness among their employees as an additional measure to stem healthcare cost. 
Our overall goal is to assist clients with the development, implementation, and monitoring of effective healthcare cost containment measures. 
Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually in this country on diseases and conditions which are largely preventable. Similar patterns of spending are seen in other countries around the world. 
Costs of illness include the “indirect” cost of lost productivity, i.e., absenteeism, turnover, reduced on-the-job performance, as well as the direct cost of medical treatment.
Employers bear a major portion of illness costs. They pay the lion’s share of the health insurance costs. They also absorb the productivity losses, including those resulting from premature retirement and death.
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  Work with employers & governments to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate a unique multi-component program to prevent or forestall avoidable illness, and to promote wellness among employees. The components of the program will be determined after an initial company health risk assessment & evaluation.
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